Fiesta Online Crafting Guide


Fiesta Online Crafting Guide

After creating your character in Fiesta Online, you have the option of five crafting professions.  You may learn two per character.


[Choosing Professions]
[Getting Crafting Materials]
[Gathering Node Maps]

banner3 Stone Production stone

  • Stones used to upgrade equipment from +1 to +9

potion Potion Production

  • Potions to instantly restore HP and SP
  • Potions to restore HP and SP over time
  • Potions to cure bleeding, poison, disease
  • Potions to increase resistance to bad status effects

scroll Scroll Production

  • Buff scrolls (HP, SP, defence, magical defence, aim, evasion, travel speed)
  • Scrolls to cure curses

comp Material Composition

  • Turn low quality materials into higher quality materials

decomp Material Decomposition

  • Turn high quality materials into lower quality materials


Stones, Potions or Scrolls

  • Saves you money as you won’t have to buy the items from other players
  • Earns you money if you decide to sell your crafted items

Material Composition or Decomposition

  • Useful to pair with one of the item production skills as it lets you take materials you cannot use due to their item-tier, and turn them into more useful materials

To choose your crafting skills

  • Open the Skills window (hotkey K)
  • Click the Alchemy tab – this will open a new window showing all available crafting skills
  • Click on any crafting skill you want, and place it in one of the two empty slots at the top of the window, or right-click it
  • When you are finished choosing skills, press OK
  • A confirmation box will pop up letting you know your skill choices have been registered



You can now access your crafting skills any time by going to the Alchemy tab in your skills window, and right-clicking the crafting skill you want to use.  You can also place your crafting skills on your hotkey bars for easy access.


Open your crafting window for either of your crafting skills to see:

  • Your crafting EXP [upper right corner of recipe list]
  • A list of recipes available at your current crafting level
  • Recipes in yellow are available to learn, recipes in blue are ones you have learned and can use and recipes in red are ones you need more EXP to learn
  • Clicking on a recipe shows the materials required


Example: Crafting window for Scroll Production

  • Your crafting professions gain EXP and levels as you craft items
  • New recipes are unlocked as your crafting level increases
  • You much purchase any recipe you wish to use – you do not start out with any
  • Most recipes are available from Skill Master NPCs and as rare drops from monsters/Kingdom Quest rewards.  To purchase recipes, look in the Alchemy tab of a Skill Trainer’s shop window


Example: A Skill Master’s Alchemy shop window.  Mousing over a recipe icon will show you its name and required EXP (Required Skill Level)

  • Once you have purchased a recipe, you may learn it by right-clicking the recipe in your inventory.

TIP: Quick leveling Stone, Potion and Scroll Production skills See my video [“Leveling Alchemy/Production Skills the Easy Way”]

If you prefer, you can read how to level your skills below. After choosing your crafting skills and setting out on your Fiesta adventure, you will find materials as your kill monsters and pick up their loot.  You may now be able to craft a small number of items, however only using the materials you find from monsters will be a very slow way to level your crafting skills. You can start seriously upgrading your crafting professions once you get to Elderine, Fiesta’s second town. In Elderine, you can purchase the lowest-tier crafting materials from Item Merchant Nina in bulk, and begin crafting large amounts of Tier 1 items (recipes listed under “1Step” in your crafting window).  This is the fastest and cheapest way to level your crafting skills.


Item Merchant Nina at F8 in Elderine will be your best friend for leveling Stone/Potion/Scroll Production.  Fill up your inventory with low tier materials (leave one space for produced items), start crafting…and wait.  Afk.  Have a cup of tea.  Or something.

Leveling Material Composition & Decomposition skills

TIP: The most convenient way to level these skills is in tandem – decomposing one item, then composing it again and vice-versa, so if you choose one of these skills on a character, it does make things easier if you also pick the other.

When you begin these skills, you are limited to composing and decomposing Copper Ore.  To get started, you will need to mine some ore in Cave of Echo, which can be accessed from Forest of Tides, Sand Beach or Sea of Greed.  You will need a Pickaxe (can be bought from Item Merchant NPCs), and some patience.

Once you’re satisfied with the amount of ore you have, you will need to purchase a bunch of Alchemy Stone[1] from Item Merchant Nina.   They are required for Tier 1 composition/decomposition. You can now begin leveling your Material Composition/Decomposition.

TIP: To avoid having to buy materials to compose/decompose, save any items that you’re not going to use for crafting other things instead of selling them.  You can use these to grind your composition/decomposition.

TIP: Once you get Material Composition to 200 EXP and above, you can start buying low quality materials from Item Merchant Nina in Elderine to compose.

Upon reaching 200 EXP in Material Decomposition, you can start buying medium quality materials to decompose from Item Merchant Vellon in Uruga.

TIP: Compose & decompose the highest tier materials you can – they’ll give the most EXP.


Crafting materials are obtained by

  • Picking up drops from monsters
  • Purchasing from Item Merchant NPCs/players
  • Gathering from Herbs, Mushrooms and Wood nodes in fields
  • Mining Ore nodes in fields/caves


TIP: When gathering from nodes, a moving green bar with a yellow line inside it will appear.  Click the yellow line when the moving green bar hits it to instantly gather the items, instead of waiting for your character to finish gathering.  Doing this also sometimes yields a larger number of materials.

  • The tier of materials necessary changes as you craft higher tier items.  Higher tier materials are obtained from higher level maps & monsters.
  • Once you are able to craft Tier 2 items, you will begin to need materials that NPCs do not sell – mushrooms/toadstools, herbs and sap.  You will need to gather these items from Mushroom, Herb, Wood and Ore nodes in fields.

List of items from gathering nodes

Tier 1
Herbs: Sage, Geranium, Herb Root, Herb Leaf, Herb Stem
Mushrooms: Mushroom (Low Quality), Toadstool (Low Quality)
Wood: Sap (Low Quality), Firewood, Fine Firewood
Ore: Copper Ore (Low Quality), Copper Ore, Copper Ore (High Quality), Topaz

Tier 2
Rosemary, Vilolet
Mushrooms: Mushroom, Toadstool
Wood: Sap
Ore: Silver Ore (Low Quality), Silver Ore, Silver Ore (High Quality), Ruby

Tier 3
Herbs: Basil, Ramsear
Mushrooms: Mushroom (High Quality), Toadstool (High Quality)
Wood: Sap (High Quality)
Ore: Gold Ore (Low Quality), Gold Ore, Gold Ore (High Quality), Sapphire

Tier 4
Herbs: Marigold, Eucalyptus
Mushrooms: Mushroom (Highest Quality), Toadstool (Highest Quality)
Wood: Sap (Highest Quality)

banner6 mushicon oreicon1 woodicon Maps with the best locations to gather each type of material.  The locations marked are not the only places you can gather these materials, but they have the highest concentrations of nodes. NOTE: Listed on the maps are the regular drops from gathering nodes.  Please note that one tier higher than the regular Tier drop can drop, but it is rare (e.g. tier 1 mushrooms have a chance of dropping tier 2 mushroom items, but it will not happen frequently). NOTE: There is currently no map in which you can specifically gather Tier 4 (Highest Quality) materials from nodes . You can only try the Tier 3 nodes and hope that they drop Tier 4 materials, or gather Tier 3 materials and use Material Composition to turn them into Tier 4 materials.

Click any map or link for a larger view.

Tier 1 (Low Quality)

Tier 1 Herb & Tier 1 Wood – Forest of Mist


Tier 1 Mushroom – Sea of Greed


Tier 2

 Tier 1 Wood, Tier 2 Herb & Tier 2 Mushroom – Moonlight Tomb


Tier 2 Herb, Tier 2 Mushroom & Tier 2 Wood – Vine Tomb


Tier 3 (High Quality)

Tier 3 Herb, Tier 3 Wood, Tier 2 & 3 Mushroom – Uruga


Tier 3 Herb, Tier 3 Wood, Tier 2 & 3 Mushroom – Ancient Elven Woods


I have not included maps for mining ore, as each tier of ore can be found all over their respective caves and maps are not required to find good gathering spots – the cave fields are literally full of ore nodes:

Tier 1 – Copper Ore (Low Quality), Copper Ore, Copper Ore (High Quality) and Topaz – Cave of Echo

Tier 2 – Silver Ore (Low Quality), Silver Ore, Silver Ore (High Quality) and Ruby – Cave of Wind

Tier 3 – Gold Ore )Low Quality), Gold Ore, Gold Ore (High Quality) and Sapphire – Gold Cave



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