Aura Kingdom Achievement Guide


Welcome to the Achievement Guide for Aura Kingdom!

Why do achievements?  They give titles, which not only can you show off above your character’s head, but reward you with permanent stat boots too!  Achievements also earn you Achievement Points and Loyalties!  This guide will show you how to find these titles/achievement easily!

Achievements are also shared across all your characters, so completing them on any character will apply to all your characters – the titles are shared, too!

This guide is split into sections – clicking on most links in the Contents will take you to a separate page for each category – there are just too many achievements to put on one page!

I am also updating this guide on Aeria’s Aura Kingdom forums – – but this website will be updated faster and more often.

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Main Quest Achievements

#1: The Journey of Destiny
Complete all main quests in Port Skandia
Reward: Envoy of Gaia title (+16 DMG), 5 Achievement Points, 10 Loyalties

#2: Freedom of Helonia Coast
Complete all main quests in Helonia Coast
Reward: Peacekeeper title (+30 HP), 5 Achievement Points, 10 Loyalties

#3: A Song of Blessing
Complete all main quests in Crescent Hill
Reward: Defiant Heart title (+32 DMG),  5 Achievement Points, 20 Loyalties

#4: Battle Bots
Complete all main quests in Cactakara Forest
Reward: The Terminator title (+50 HP), 5 Achievement Points, 30 Loyalties

#5: The Demarech Mines Secret
Complete all main quests in the Demarech Mines
Reward: Miracle Worker title (+48 DMG), 5 Achievement Points, 30 Loyalties

#6: Epoch of Triatio Highlands
Complete all main quests in Triatio Highlands
Reward: The Huntsman title (+70 HP),  5 Achievement Points, 50 Loyalties

#7: Crime Scene Investigation
Complete all main quests in Candeo Marsh
Reward: CSI title (+56 DMG),  5 Achievement Points, 50 Loyalties


Character Growth Achievements

#1: Born A Legend
Reach level 30
Reward: Brimming Potential title (no stats), 1 Achievement Point, 10 Loyalties

#2: The Whisper of Hope
Reach level 40
Reward: Novice Adventurer title (no stats), 1 Achievement Point, 20 Loyalties

#3: Existing Legend
Reach level 50
Reward:  Brave Student (no stats) title, 1 Achievement Point, 30 Loyalties


Eidolon’s Power Achievements

#1: Lifelong Partner
Increase the level of one of your Eidolons to 20
Reward: 1 Achievement Point, 5 Loyalties

#2: Personal Trainer
Increase the level of one of your Eidolons to 30
Reward: 1 Achievement Point, 5 Loyalties

#3: Bond Eternal
Increase the level of one of your Eidolons to 45
Reward: Eidolon Envoy title (no stats) 1 Achievement Point, 5 Loyalties


Aura Kingdom Character Creation

Character creation/customization for Aeria’s new anime MMORPG, Aura Kingdom (also known as Fantasy Frontier)! Play AK at (currently open only to those who purchase Founder Packs, CB will begin soon).

We’ll be posting lots more Aura Kingdom videos & guides soon!